UBCS was founded in 2012 to provide academic-related advisory services to Evolvence Knowledge Investments. As the company flourished it continued diversifying its advisory services to companies operating in industries other than Education. In 2019, UBCS became a consulting boutique of highly qualified professionals.

The company is a consortium of executive-level experts provide its client with diversified knowledge and experience that stems from a deep understanding of the region's industries, including but not limited to hospitality, retail, manufacturing, real estate and public service. UBCS enjoys a harmonious and synergistic professional environment built on personal and professional relationships, allowing the company to be unique and deliver exceptional services and results.


Our Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Transforming challenges into opportunities through tailored solutions, ongoing learning and global expertise.


Our Vision

Empowering clients to achieve success through innovative consulting solutions

Our Core Values

At UBCS, our core values drive everything we do, they detine us as a company and guide us in our decision making . By adhering to these values, we establish trust with our clients and differentiate ourselves from the compertion

  • Professional standards
  • Integrity
  • Adaptability & Responsiveness

Executive Management

At UBCS, our executives have access to a team of 20+ professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in numerous sectors, ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Executive Management Member
Wassim Ghalayini
Executive Management Member
Head of Legal Advisory
Ahmed Nofal
Executive Management Member
IT Advisory
Salah Kanaan
Executive Management Member
Audit & Assurance
Kassem Nahel

Our Journey


Strengthened our team and diversified our service offerings to provide comprehensive solutions and exceptional customer experiences.


Expanding our geographical footprint across the GCC, while simultaneously fortifying our online presence to optimize market penetration.


Solidify our global footprint by upholding exemplary levels of quality and credibility, achieved through the acquisition of esteemed accreditations and certifications.


Establishing strategic partnerships through targeted outreach and collaboration to amplify our offerings and facilitate sustainable growth for our clients.